Your Guide to Finding a Great Real Estate Agent In Richmond VA

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With the difficulty of the real estate market and the many challenges both buyers and sellers now face, it is more important than ever to find a great real estate agent. However, finding a real estate agent may be more difficult than you may think, and it is a long-term commitment. In fact, it now takes an average of nine months to sell a home, and being tied to an agent who simply doesn’t match your philosophy or goals could create a very sticky and uncomfortable situation.


With that said, we have listed our top four suggestions on finding a great real estate agent, whether you’re buying or selling a home:


1. Ask for referrals – Instead of simply calling a real estate company and asking them to send over an agent, ask close friends, family, and neighbors to suggest a real estate agent they have used in the past. Simply put, positive words from other people will make your job of locating a real estate agent an easier one.


2. Interview a select few – Once you have a few real estate agents on your list, invite them over so you can interview them. Don’t be afraid to ask any number of questions, including: How many homes have you sold in the past year? You need to interview a real estate agent as if you would be interviewing someone for a job because that’s exactly what it is!


3. Consider qualifications, experience and credentials – When considering whether a real estate agent is right for the job, take into consideration his or her qualifications, experience and credentials. Ask about their history in the real estate market, and inquire about any continuing education credentials they have earned in the past year. In short, take a look at the “big picture” and consider all important factors when choosing a real estate agent.


4. Consider rapport – A real estate agent may have the most glowing qualifications, but if you don’t feel a rapport with him or her, it is best to move on. Working with a real estate agent usually isn’t a one-shot deal. In fact, you will likely be working closely with that individual for an extended period of time. Thus, if your personalities don’t mesh well, or if the agent seems to have a different perspective about how to sell your home than you, then your business relationship will likely not work well. Make sure the real estate agent you choose looks you in the eye, answers your questions honestly and thoroughly, and remains patient with you, regardless of what you are asking him or her.


Finding a great real estate is much like any other process; you must take your time and consider everything before you can make an educated, well-informed decision. Because your home is likely the largest investment you will ever own, it makes sense to take the time to find the agent that best fits your goals.


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